James Roth, PhD, CIA, CCSA, CRMA

9787 Manning Avenue South            Phone: 651- 459-7573     Email: jamesroth@audittrends.com

Hastings, MN 55033                                                                  Web site: www.audittrends.com




1993-present          President, AuditTrends, a training/consulting firm devoted to identifying and communicating the best of current internal audit practice. Primary service is a program of seminars, including:

Š      COSO 2013: How to Implement the Revised Control Framework

Š      Best Practices: How to Evaluate the Corporate Culture

Š      Best Practices in Internal Auditing

Š      Implementing the COSO ERM Framework: A Practical Approach

Š      Operational Auditing: A Risk and Self-Assessment Based Approach

Š      Leadership and Supervision Skills for Auditors

Š      Relationship Building Skills for Auditors

Š      Skills for the New Internal Auditor

Š      Audit Report Writing

Other services include performing value-added Quality Assurance Reviews and consulting on:

Š      COSO implementation

Š      Techniques for evaluating soft controls

Š      Integrated risk management

                                Frequent speaker at internal audit, risk management, and corporate governance conferences (e.g., 13 IIA International Conferences). Participant evaluations of 4.5 on a 5 point scale are common for seminars delivered.


1987-1992              Audit Manager, United Consulting Corporation. Providing audit services to Marquette Bank Minneapolis and 32 community banks. Total assets $4.8 billion. Responsibilities included annual planning, development of audit and administrative tools, recruiting and training for the department, supervision of three to five concurrent audits, and seven direct reports.

Achievements:  Developed and implemented risk-based audit approach which reduced average audit hours by 30% while incorporating regulatory compliance and computer assisted audit techniques into audit scope. Helped to increase department productivity by 30%. Instrumental in improving quality and timeliness of audit reports. Developed a variety of automated spreadsheets to monitor department activities.


1981-87                  Internal Auditor, Norwest Audit Services. Prepared quarterly and annual reports to senior management and the Board of Directors, did annual planning and scheduling for corporate audit group, supervised three direct reports, led first-time audits of units throughout corporate office and a variety of non-bank financial service companies.

                                Achievements:  Standardized and automated the management reporting process. Promoted to Audit Specialist in 5 years (norm is 8-12 years). Audits led to major restructuring of Norwest's purchasing/capital expenditure activities and $1.5 million profit improvement recommendations; position paper led to major restructuring of Norwest's insurance agencies.


1969-1980              College English Teacher, Universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Designed and taught writing and literature courses.



1980                        PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Major: English.

1969                        B.A., University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.  Major: English.



2013    Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity, (IIA Research Foundation – one of four authors)

2012    Sawyer’s Guide For Internal Auditors, 6th Edition, (IIA Research Foundation – one of five authors)

2010    Best Practices: Evaluating the Corporate Culture (IIA Research Foundation)

2009    Using Surveys in Internal Audits (IIA Research Foundation – primary author Hernan Murdock)

2007    Four Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management ― and Opportunities in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance  (IIA Research Foundation)

2003    Internal Audit’s Role in Corporate Governance: Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance (IIA Research Foundation)

2002    Adding Value: Seven Roads to Success (IIA Research Foundation)

2000    Best Practices: Value-Added Approaches of Four Innovative Internal Auditing Departments (book)

1999    Tools & Techniques for the Beginning Auditor (IIA seminar)

1998    Vision University (the IIA’s executive training program for chief auditors)

1997    Control Model Implementation: Best Practices (IIA Research Foundation)

1997    Value-Added Business Controls: The Right Way to Manage Risk (IIA seminar)

1995    A COSO Implementation Guide, Comprehensive Instructional Package

1995    Operational Auditing (IIA seminar)

1994    Evaluating Internal Control: A COSO-Based Approach. (IIA seminar)

1993    Reinventing the Internal Audit Function (IIA seminar)



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December 2010       “Seminar med James Roth, PhD: How to evaluate corporate culture?” interview in Internversoren, journal of IIA Norway

December 2009       “Soft controls? Hard nodig!,” interview in Audit Magazine, journal of IIA Netherlands

April 2007              “Myth vs. Reality: Sarbanes-Oxley and ERM,” Internal Auditor

February 2006            “Risk Watch: An Enterprise Risk Catalyst,” Internal Auditor

August 2004           “Risk Watch: The Matrix Revisited,” Internal Auditor

June 2004               “On the Road to Change,” one of ten “thought leaders” interviewed for this article in Internal Auditor

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January 1997          “A Tale of Two Trips” and “CSA Software” – CSA Sentinel

August 1993           "Fear of Flying: the Employee Involvement Adventure," Internal Auditor



1999-present          Member, IIA international committees, Communications Advisory 1999-2009, Professional Issues 2009-2013, currently Publications Advisory

1993-1998              District Representative, IIA Midwestern Region, District 4.

1989-90                  President, IIA Twin Cites Chapter